Tuesday, September 16, 2008

please call first.

Today was a good reminder at why I need order and structure in my day.

I decided not to get Zachariah up at his usual time and because of it ended up being a half our late to meet a friend. completely barfy.


I decided not to follow my complete "schedule"... EVER.. to have the bathroom cleaned and laundry folded and the floors mopped etc. So when at the last minute I invited two people over for supper.. to completely different realms of people.. a friend and her two little ones and one of my exchange students. I was out of my mind stressed out because on top of making sure I remember everything I should get at the grocery store I knew I had five minutes to get home and turn my natural disaster of a house into a place that wouldn't cause guests to throw up their hamburger. Running around looking for the toilet scrubber handle.. never found it.. and still glad no one had to use the facilities... using a papertowel to get the large pieces of nasties off the floor.. no time to vacuum the rug... If I would have just been on top of it it wouldn't have been a big deal. And I'd be more comfortable having people over spur of the moment and trying to bless them in some way.

It all turned out fine in the end. But maybe next week I'll try to channel Alice.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

standing in a huricane

If you happened to have walked by my house this morning between 8:56 and 9:06 you would have seen a blue streak bobbing past all the windows... that would have been me.. in my big terrycloth robe... dancing with my two kids to Beck's Gamma Ray. That is this month's official Dance song. We all get down to it... especially Kate.. she's a great groover even at her young age. The only way I got Zachariah to keep from repeating in "again!!" was to promise him he could go take a bath. I triple dog dare you to keep yourself still while listening.. but then what fun would that be!

Friday, September 5, 2008

my bare housewife sash.

If I admit that my family ate pancakes for two meals in a row.. I'm talking breakfast and lunch... would they make me take off a merit badge from my housewife sash? They would?... Okay... well then I plead the fifth.

If I admit that I was supposed to marinate the chicken over night.. but then told myself I'd just do it in the morning--It would be okay.. and then told myself I would just do it at lunch.. and then it became two hours till supper and the only thing the chicken was sitting in was it's own juices... would they make me take off a merit badge from my housewife sash? They would?... Wow! They're pretty strict... well then I plead the fifth again.

If I admit that my once loved and blogged about past time of picking my cherry tomatoes is now another annoying thing on my to-do list...and now I have hundreds of cherry tomatoes starting to rot each day on the vine... would they make me take off a merit badge from my housewife sash? shhhhhhhh!