Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I just found out that James Macdonald has cancer. How heartbreaking. What a chance for him to show the world that what he preaches is real. I went to his site and found his blog that I had never seen before. He had one entry that matched up with one of my previous entries on worship... he must be an avid "villa villekulla" reader. I would love to send his message to the worship leader at my church. (Can I add that last Sunday she read out of the message... I almost fell on the floor and started convulsing.) Should I talk to the pastor about my feelings on the worship at our church? Is that my place?

How many times have I just stood there staring at the screen while the whole congregation was supposed to sing things that every one of them could not possibly mean...promises and declarations that realistically maybe happen once or twice in your whole life. Sometimes I'd sing along to not be a distraction. But how refreshing to not have to wade through these songs!

Found another great one on worship.

There's also a great video entry on him in the Price Is Right audience.

Friday, February 20, 2009

i am unlimited

with more fingers on one hand than hours of sleep last night... i tried to take a nap with the kids. but after three minutes i snuck down the creaky stairs and planted myself in front of the computer to be mindless and unproductive for an hour two hours.

I am listening to Great Lake Swimmers "everything is moving so fast" on repeat. A treat to listen to it for the first time today. Maybe there will be money next month when it comes out.

Current life is a bumpy road. The Holy Spirit and a few good friends are filling me with wisdom.

I receive a wash of peace knowing that He knows me.. understands me.. intercedes for me.. comforts me.. transforms my mind.. draws me.. if I didn't have anything else I would have everything. I feel like I am in the middle of a time of molding. I wait on Him.

I wake up at an ungodly hour three times a week to work out. Today in "bootcamp" class we rode the bikes for awhile. After two minutes thirty seconds I knew I would never try the "cycling" class. Some around me were going "being chased by freddie kruger" pace. I preferred the "Sunday ride around the park" pace... "I bet they'll just think I have the tension way up" was what I rationalized to my pride. Then I realized that you're supposed to stand while you pedal. oooohhhh. Okay we'll try that. It was fun for two minutes thirty seconds. Up until my legs almost gave way I felt like I was back in fifth grade riding to a friends house "we're going to have so much fun!" I made the mistake of vocalizing this thought to my cycling peers who have now all secretly named me "the chubby weird girl in my bootcamp class." I need to keep my sleep deprived, humorous to only me, thoughts to myself for self preservation sake.