Monday, August 31, 2009

I am getting excited about crafting again! After starting journals for refest... spending too much time on etsy and seeing a friend's paintings I'm ready to lock myself in a hobby lobby for a month and go to town.

I was talking to painting-friend tonight about how we get in the art mode and don't want to be distracted by anything... (especially the kids who only took a three hour nap... what's wrong with them.. couldn't they squeeze in a few more minutes!) But it is nice to have things in your life that you enjoy doing and can't get enough of. Life would be pretty boring if the only thing we enjoyed doing was playing with the kids...whoa that came out wrong. Draw your own conclusion. I have to get to sleep.

oh oh oh... I'm really excited about a shadow box painting-friend gave me tonight!! I was just going to do something artsy with it and then I counted the squares... twenty five!!! I could somehow try to make it into an advent calendar!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A friend was telling me how she used to have Amish friends.

"Do you talk to them much anymore?"

"No...they're pretty hard to get a hold of."

....maybe you had to be there....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

great summer

Enter Uncle Stanley-- black and white little farm kitten.
Grand Ole Days-- great parade. walked basically the entire grand ave. good lair time.
Worship Night-- went well. praying for it to continue.
Z's first real swim lessons-- a week of screams. a week of fun.
First trip to ER with Z-- two staples from a fall in the library. dangerous place.
4th of July-- super fun. family times. regular events.
Twins game (free and we won!) and more Lair time
Road trip to Colorado Worship Gathering-- Continuing to see God a little clearer through the scales.
Starting to plan Momtime. Using the gifts God's giving me along side wonderful women who bare necessary gifts I certainly don't have.
Grandma's 92nd birthday. At one point she cried out that she didn't know who she was... but she hangs on.
Camping for the first time with the kids. leaky tent. s'mores.
Church membership class. Good discussions. Better understanding of our church's inner-workings.
Brainerd trip-- beautiful lake. private little cabin. ben still dreaming about the fishing there. sad to see old camp turned into high priced real estate "up north cabin community"
Great bible study with women who are completely real with one another. Love laying hands on them and praying. My desire for a small group with that openness. Praying that God will bring the right people and allow me to share in it.
Fair-- weirdos. greasy food. kates excitement for the animals...giggle evoking.
Steele county fair next week? Maybe Lanesboro? zoo next weekend? zachariah's first school conference the following week. And momtime kickoff the same day. z's first day of school. cbs starts. momtime starts. making journals for refest. Plan halloween costumes. Both baby's birthdays. Sara Groves concert?? Christmas. Lovely, busy, christmas. and the calendar is just going to fill and fill and fill.

I am excited and blessed.