Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This morning I was making breakfast in the kitchen and Zachariah kept asking me something from the dining room.. I couldn't hear him.. but got a little annoyed.. "WHAT Zachariah!?!" I asked for the third time... going into the dining room to hear him...

"How was your meeting?" He asked shyly.

Who is this 43 year old man in a three year old's body?

My meeting last night went well. I'm a little anxious to see what will come out of this little worship night we've been working on. There's only a few of us doing it.. so I am going to play a hand drum. Hopefully won't screw that up too much.

And Colorado is on for sure.. I think.

In other news. We got a new kitten and it is nothing short of a miracle that he's not dead yet. The kids are pretty rough with him... and yet he never really runs away from them.

My exchange student leaves tomorrow which ends my stint as a coordinator. And today I saw a lady I was supposed to call a few weeks ago now.. so that's off my mind. Lightening the load of "stuff." My capacity for "stuff" right now is minimal.

Sat down to watch a few minutes of Martha while I ate my blicky pad thai that took way longer than a lunch for one should take to make. I never get to watch anymore.. but of course she was doing something uninteresting... giving a tutorial of garden tools. Where's the fun guests making the cakes? She was talking about how she always finds her dirt rakes laying around her garden with the pointy side pointing to the sky and how that makes her "so pissed." I would hate to work for Martha.

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Brambleberry said...

Love this one.

And did Martha really say "so pissed"?! Wow. Say it ain't so.