Monday, August 31, 2009

I am getting excited about crafting again! After starting journals for refest... spending too much time on etsy and seeing a friend's paintings I'm ready to lock myself in a hobby lobby for a month and go to town.

I was talking to painting-friend tonight about how we get in the art mode and don't want to be distracted by anything... (especially the kids who only took a three hour nap... what's wrong with them.. couldn't they squeeze in a few more minutes!) But it is nice to have things in your life that you enjoy doing and can't get enough of. Life would be pretty boring if the only thing we enjoyed doing was playing with the kids...whoa that came out wrong. Draw your own conclusion. I have to get to sleep.

oh oh oh... I'm really excited about a shadow box painting-friend gave me tonight!! I was just going to do something artsy with it and then I counted the squares... twenty five!!! I could somehow try to make it into an advent calendar!!

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