Monday, May 11, 2009

Highlights from my anniversary night away.

Wearing new clothes! When's the last time I had a completely new outfit?? Don't remember. Feel guilty about money spent on it.

Leaving an hour and a half after planned. Is it really that hard to pack the family for ONE night away??

Driving up to the cities without getting in a fight!YEA!

Driving around in circles looking for a good parking ramp. In fear of how much we'd end up having to pay for it.

Hotel is a block away from everything we wanted to do. We're able to walk everywhere nice.

Going to a movie... when's the last time we did that? Saw Adventureland. Didn't know anything about it. Very distracted by bad actress Kirsten Stewart.

The girl at the concession stand who took ten minutes to put the lid on our pop. Couldn't hold in a giggle. Gave me an idea for a screenplay.

Realize that my feet have probably grown since pregnancy... cute shoes are ripping my feet apart. Downtrotten from wasted money on new shoes and the realization that I now truely have amazon woman feet and will have to buy shoes online from now on.

Ate at Glueks. A tribute to the first time I was there in August for the GLS concert.

Listened to a Canadian hit on the waitress. Listen to how she was depressed about being a felon... driving drunk it sounded like.

Went back to the hotel because I couldn't walk anymore due to aforementioned shoes.

Pefect timing.. caught "steve-o demise and rise" on tv which I had wanted to see. Totally bewildered at how someone would want to live that lifestyle. Watched some SNL. Exahusted from the cold I have. Went to sleep.

Woke up too early from cold. Read Minneapolis travel magazines for an hour. Learned best places to eat million dollar steaks. Went back to sleep.

Woke up and realized I had to get up or we'd be late. Mind half out of it from cold.

Had the BEST shower of my life. Understood why the Westin advertises their showers. Put it on my "if I were rich" list of things I'd waste my billions on.

Had an akward breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Felt out of place and didn't really know what was going on. Had small fight about homework.

Went to church with tracy and bryan. Surprised to find it was in a church building I'd been to in college. church had died and they had given it to Hope Community. Refreshing to hear of churches doing that.

Sermon on 1 Corinthians. About the body of christ being God's temple. Very fitting because Nikky had mentioned that as a possible name for our worship night last week but we wanted to get a better understanding of the word. Funny how God does that.

Got car from parking ramp by hotel. Only $5! awesome!

Ate at Buca's. Emma "ruined" mother's day and our anniversary by screaming most of the time. Next time we are going to get the ravioli and something else.. NOT the stuffed shells.

Told the server it was Ben's birthday that week. He had the whole restaurant sing "happy birthday". Loved watching the faces of the strangers at other tables singing. They were so genuinely joyful to sing to a stranger. It was another "movie" moment. It made me love humanity a little more.

We were hoping for the chocolate cake... but got the old frozen tasteless "christmas" birthday cake.

Went to Whole Foods and got some new "natural" products that don't contain nasties. Feeling like I'm turning a little more "granola".

Walked around Grand looking for the perfect mother's day gift. In vain. Very stressful.

Drove home. No fighting. But not understanding how someone could not like the current.

Back to reality.

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Brambleberry said...

I'm glad that you had such a nice adventure! And hooray for no-fight-drives! :)