Thursday, April 30, 2009

a day in the life.

I finally figured out why it was EXCRUSIATINGLY hard to get ANYTHING done this week!'s the weather! Cloudy and chilly. I'm starting to wonder if I'm a true daughter of Minnesota. Perhaps California put me up for adoption.

After a stressful day of grocery shopping with two toddlers and panicing to get a heavily anticipated by the husband trout supper cooked only to not have to done on time which caused a wonderful fight... the kids wouldn't eat their steamed brocoli and baked potatoes. So we ended up eating bowls of Cap'n Crunch. (Which I haven't had in YEARS.. this is not a usually affair. Don't call social services.) The trout is packed away for reheating at a later hour. And now I have a disaster of a kitchen. Kids that won't stop whining...okay.. they just stopped whining.. they are so hopped up on sugar that they are terrorizing the that water running I hear?... And the cat snuck out of the house and is playing with the wild neighborhood rabbits. There's a dirty diaper to change. And I can't even run away because I don't have a car.

Atleast the sun is shining as it sets.

Now they're back to whining.

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