Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life's little pleasures.

One of my favorite parts of the day... picking my tomatoes.
I feel like such a productive gardener... when in reality I stuck the plant in the ground and just watered it... God did the rest. (Which, on a side note, is actually the exact comparison Paul made to evangelism. Some plant seeds.. some water.. but God grows.) Easy as that. Someday I'll have a big garden and be more knowledgeable about the ways of growing produce and flowers. And then my favorite part of the day will be going out and picking my peas.

Everytime I go to pick my new batch of fire engine red cherry tomatoes I'm remind of Jehovah-jireh. He created them to ripen at different times so that there wouldn't be a whole huge Cherry tomato plant all ripe at the same time. Because how many can you really eat at one time? The little things He's thought of just amaze me.


I hope to be able to pass on the little that I know to my kids and to get them excited about more than just PBS. Gardening has been very exciting for Z.


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