Thursday, January 22, 2009

come along on the playschool bus.. come along with us..

It's that time in my life... time to think about preschool. A friend gave me a "cheat sheet" of most of the pertinent information... time, days, price, fees. And while I think Zachariah would love it. The thought of taking him someplace to only get back in the car about an hour later to pick him up again.. twice a week for a year... one year old in toe... Does NOT sound fun. He has his CBS class which he loves. That is almost 2 hours. They sing, do crafts, have a Bible story, play and of course there's social interaction. And he plays with his friends for almost two hours on Friday mornings. And he has Sunday School for and hour and a half. So why do I want him in preschool.
Social interaction. check- he's already getting.
To be in a situation where he learns how to learn with other children. check--I think he's already getting that in CBS and sunday school.
Learning things he will need for school. I can teach him those things.

I'm leaning on holding off and reassessing the situation next year. Since there are two complete school years left before he's of age for kindergarten. If I knew he wouldn't just love it there wouldn't still be this battle in me. Having to fork over a bunch of money a month may be the final tip of the scale.

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