Tuesday, January 6, 2009

dontcha know

My significant other and I took in a movie the other night. One of the previews I saw was for a movie staring the squinty-eyed renee zellweger as a business woman sent to New Ulm, Minnesota and her follies as she leaves sensibility and embarks on the frozen tundra of uncoolness. How is she going to last?? Everyone has deep Scandinavian accents, wears Nordic sweaters and plaid and eats a steady diet of casseroles. The houses are dimly lite, the snow banks are taller than a full grown man and she falls for harry connic jr who is of course in full beard.. okay they got that part right. She shows up at a factory in high heels and all the factory works give each other quizzical looks... really hollywood??.. we're so out of the loop that we question high heels? I have done enough traveling to know that every mall in the united states... honolulu.. la.. rochester minnesota.. looks the same.. old navy, the limited etc etc etc. Americas Test kitchen, based out of Maine, has a whole cookbook of casseroles... so it's not just us! And besides.. I wouldn't even know where to find a nordic-type sweater if I wanted one... okay... menards maybe??

Juno took place in the EXACT same area... atleast I didn't feel like a backward moron after watching that movie.

The significant other thought it looked funny though. So maybe I'm being a little dramatic... gotta run the hotdish is burning.

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