Thursday, April 23, 2009

I kept forgetting that I had to make a cheesecake tonight. So it didn't get started until... after nine pm. crust is in the oven and I remember... NO SUGAR!! Rush out to my local Kwik Trip. Find the four pound bag on the bottom shelf amoung the other "shoot we're out of..." items. I reach for the bag and notice... "$4.88" WHAT!?! Do I take the extra time and energy to head over to my local grocer? The crust is almost done. I contemplate it.. do the math... I have to.. this isn't a small village in the middle of a third world country... I can NOT pay five dollars for a bag of off brand sugar. Ten minutes later I am the newest owner of a $1.88 bag of sugar. That's more like it.

1 comment:

Brambleberry said...

Highway robbery!!

Definately worth the few minutes to save a few bucks!

Even if only on principle.