Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the joy of three.

Zachariah tends to be shy around strangers. He barely looked the dentist in the eye last week.. let alone make any sort of vocal response to his usual "trying to get a kid to talk to me so I'm going to talk about kids things" banter. Yesterday we were in the library. "I want some books" he told me as he stomped towards the adult section. We made our way around the library and I took a brief stop at the video section. "I want some books" he reminded me again and stomped off somewhere. He disappeared for a moment while I was pacifying the little one and I find him at the desk of the children's librarian. He was already in mid-conversation. "I need some books.... Some BIG BOY books!!" If mom wasn't going to get the job done then he was going to find someone who could!

We our having our first, for the most part, successful week of potty training. Only a few "number one" accidents... not ONE "number two". Less than an hour later from getting home from the library he was playing outside and I was making lunch. I go to check on him and he lets me know that he "pooped in the yard." I make him show me where... yup... there it was.. just like a dog. He had pulled his pants down in the middle of the yard and took a poop. Atleast I didn't have any nasty pants to clean up. We did have a little talk though on how that's what dogs do.. not little boys.

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