Monday, April 13, 2009

The Lord's Will will come to pass. We can be willing to listen to his Spirit and let Him use us. Or we can be silent and pass up the opportunities he gives us. He will just give them to somebody else. Because His Will will come to pass.

I realized this morning that the Lord had put a few different people in my life the last few years. NonChristians. The Spirit had prompted me to share Him with them. Of course there were always excuses. I would put most of them on that person-- "if they wanted to go to church they would be going already" "they're not interested in God.. they just want to party" etc etc. This morning the Lord showed me some of those people... giving their testimonies of the Lord.

The Lord had work to do... and was more than willing to use me. And I let it pass.

I repent.

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